Broad College programs set women leaders up for success

As part of its mission to support workplace diversity and advance the careers of women, the Broad College of Business is offering two programs in Women’s Leadership, now in their second year. Women in Executive Leadership and Women in Senior Executive Leadership are complementary online programs that not only help individuals perform at a higher level in their careers, they give participants tools to support other individuals within their organizations.

Women in Executive Leadership is designed for individuals of five to ten years of experience, and Women in Senior Executive Leadership will most benefit women with ten or more years of experience. Both programs include the latest research from our faculty in the fields of leadership, emotional intelligence, communication, negotiation, and inclusion. By sending multiple women across both programs, there is the opportunity to maximize change though the creation of mentors, support networks, and increased capacity of attendees.

“It is important for women to have a springboard to share struggles and ambitions. That’s what these two programs provide,” said Marcie Stowell, program director in the Broad College of Business’ Executive Development Programs unit. Some of the topics covered in the program are universal, such as the need for meaningful work. Other topics cover issues that uniquely impact women, such as work-life balance, perception by peers, and more. “The experiences are as varied as the individuals in our program,” said Marcie.

 Informal networks on platforms like LinkedIn or women around the virtual happy hours are helpful, though WEL and WSL provide a more formal structure for change. Participants have opportunities to hone their skills and build their network during the program. Senior executives from industry will share their best advice for creating value during optional presentations immediately following a few of the modules. Women can take back tools they learn and lift their organization.

 “Recruiting a diverse workforce provides an organization with unique viewpoints and problem-solving ability,” said David J. Frayer, Ph.D., assistant dean, outreach and engagement in the Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. “We’re pleased to be able to offer programs like these to help women excel in today’s workplace.”

 “It’s very rewarding to work with so many women with such varied backgrounds,” said Marcie Stowell.

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