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Foto de Jan Baborák en Unsplash Hashtag Day is commemorated every August 23rd, in honor of the first one published in 2007. On a day like today 15 years ago, producer and designer Chris Messina suggested using the pound sign on Twitter to group topics. That started a trend. Today, hashtags are widely used to …

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The importance of networking

Foto de Brooke Cagle en Unsplash The importance of networking Having a good network of contacts can be very beneficial for professionals. Sharing with other executives in the same sector can help them detect new opportunities, give visibility to their skills or improve their business possibilities.  Before getting started in the world of networking, it …

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The best destinations in Latin America, according to Time magazine

Foto de Stephanie Morcinek en Unsplash Como todos los años, la revista estadounidense Time publicó la lista de los mejores 50 destinos para el 2022 y varios lugares de Latinoamérica entraron en ella. Aquí les dejamos algunos detalles de estos rincones mágicos.   Isla de Pascua, Chile: Ubicada en medio del Océano Pacífico, este territorio chileno …

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Are you burnt out?

Foto de Nubelson Fernandes en Unsplash  Stress is a natural part of work life, but in excess, it could lead to burnout or professional exhaustion: a physical, mental and emotional fatigue that has already been recognized by the Mental Health Organization as a disease. In general, burnout occurs when there is uncontrolled stress, excessive work …

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The secret of successful executives: the athlete’s mentality

Foto de Alexander Redl en Unsplash The mentality of athletes is often characterized by their capacity for self-demand, perseverance, tenacity and focus on goals. To become champions, they must learn to tolerate failure and concentrate on the next step. Athletes are self-confident, passionate about what they do, resilient and disciplined; their minds are constantly evolving …

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Education for Executives today

Continuous learning is-or should be-a fundamental condition for senior managers. Being up to date on certain subjects, training in cutting-edge disciplines or acquiring new techniques are just some of the benefits of executive education. With the pandemic, many colleges had to reinvent themselves, adapt their methodology and curriculum and implement the necessary changes to meet …

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The most required languages in business

Globalization has brought new demands to the world. Today, bilingualism or trilingualism are qualities capable of opening doors to new markets, new relationships and, of course, new opportunities. With so many language schools advertising their services, what are the variables we should take into consideration when deciding to learn a new language? Here are some …

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Five films to reflect on

 The weekend is approaching, and a great plan is to enjoy a good movie at home. Whatever the genre chosen, there are some classics that never go out of style and, in addition, can leave us with some good lessons on entrepreneurship, negotiation tactics, innovation or personnel management. Here are our favorites:  Boiler room: This …

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