Hashtag Day is commemorated every August 23rd, in honor of the first one published in 2007. On a day like today 15 years ago, producer and designer Chris Messina suggested using the pound sign on Twitter to group topics. That started a trend.

Today, hashtags are widely used to index topics or discussions on social networks and even to add context to a post or caption. In addition, hashtags allow users to find posts quickly and help them go viral, increase the reach of their message and the number of brand followers. Particularly, on Instagram, the more hashtags we use, the more visible the publication and the engagement will be.

On this #specialday, we leave you some recommendations to use the symbol correctly and get the most out of it: 

Do not use too many words: While the hashtag should have its own meaning, grouping too many words together will only confuse users. It is key to use short phrases that are memorable.

Don’t overuse them: It is not necessary to use hashtags in every post you publish. On the contrary, use those that are interesting to add value and relevance to your communications.  

Follow the trend: It is mandatory to research the business or topics associated with what you want to publish. To achieve good engagement, it is better to use hashtags that are already commonly used in the community for the topics you want to highlight.

Watch your spelling: Hashtags are not case-sensitive, but using capital letters will make them easier to read.

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