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The importance of networking

Having a good network of contacts can be very beneficial for professionals. Sharing with other executives in the same sector can help them detect new opportunities, give visibility to their skills or improve their business possibilities. 

Before getting started in the world of networking, it is necessary to establish certain guidelines to help you get the most out of these meetings. Here are some tips to help you enhance your personal brand and generate beneficial contacts for your personal and professional life.

Set a goal: What do we want to get out of this effort? Whether it is looking for a job, generating partnerships, giving a twist to our current profession or simply having more like-minded contacts, it is important to define what we are interested in and where we want to go.

Establish your message: Prepare an elevator pitch of no more than 30 seconds that includes a problem, your solution and your target market. Keep it concise, clear and brief. Elaborate your message with creativity, assertiveness and, above all, adapted to the short time you will have.

Participate in events of interest: It is important to be aware of fairs, congresses, or symposiums related to your fields of interest. Taking a course or workshop on the subject will also bring you closer to interesting people. If we pay attention, it is even possible to connect with other like-minded professionals at family or social events. It’s all a matter of being attentive to our main objective. 

Attention to online networking: By now, we are all aware of the importance of keeping our social media profiles up to date. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are some of the technological tools that can help us to expand our contacts and get closer to people of interest.

Pay it forward: Just as it is important to meet people, it is also essential to help others connect. If you know the interests and needs of other professionals, help them get to know each other. This way you will become a person of high value to others, increasing your chances of being included in networking events. 

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