Just as there is much talk about soft skills, there is a new emphasis on the need to possess certain technical skills in the post-pandemic era. Technical skills are any academic or technical knowledge acquired by workers at an educational institution on specific subjects that enable a worker to perform efficiently in their position. Although they require some training to develop, the truth is that most professionals already have them because they are part of our daily activities. Among the most requested are basic computer skills, database software, graphic presentation programs and basic graphic design techniques. Likewise, database software management or the use of web metric applications are important. 


Basic knowledge of accounting is always necessary, especially for positions that require budget control. Also, knowing the basic regulations of the sector and understanding related legal terms are skills that will come in handy on our daily work. Good writing is, without a doubt, a fundamental skill that is usable not only for writing emails or making presentations, but also allows us to express and communicate ideas in a concrete, concise and efficient manner. Another of the qualities that are most appreciated by recruiters is language skills. Although Spanish and English are languages that can open many doors, knowing a third language is always beneficial. In post-pandemic times, data analysis is also fundamental for data to have value and become opportunities for business. Knowing how to perform this type of measurement can define business opportunities, boost them or cancel them. 


Although the level of expertise in each of these technical skills will depend on the position for which we are applying, having a basic knowledge can determine how we deal with the different situations we face.  Nowadays, there are many short in-person or distance learning courses that can help us acquire, update or improve some of these indispensable characteristics for our workplace.

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