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Globalization has brought new demands to the world. Today, bilingualism or trilingualism are qualities capable of opening doors to new markets, new relationships and, of course, new opportunities. With so many language schools advertising their services, what are the variables we should take into consideration when deciding to learn a new language? Here are some keys about the most required languages in the work field.


English: It is the most spoken language worldwide with more than 1,348 million people and, undoubtedly, the most requested language by companies when hiring personnel. It is advisable to have a very fluent level and preferably validated with Cambridge, TOEFL or IELTS certifications.

Mandarin Chinese: China’s economic power continues to grow and with it, its opportunities. Many companies in the region are interested in developing exchanges with Asia and mastering this language will put you one step ahead of achieving your business goals. 

French: The French language is one of the most requested by companies because it allows us to do business not just in France, but also helps us to communicate in other countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, among others.  

Japanese: With an accelerated growth in the areas of science and technology, Japan is a mandatory destination for those seeking to develop a career or business in the financial, software, automotive or pharmaceutical sectors.

Portuguese: It is the language of the most growing Latin American hub: Brazil. Around 234 million people around the world are fluent in the language and knowing how to express yourself in Portuguese will help open doors internationally. 



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