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Beyond technical skills or university credentials, there is a need among the region’s headhunters to find executives who have certain characteristics that allow them to relate optimally to their work environment. The so-called “soft skills” have grown in interest in the post-pandemic era and are now a fundamental requirement for human resources areas. These are some of the most sought-after:

Emotional intelligence: The ability to recognize one’s own and other people’s feelings, to regulate and understand them in order to adequately manage relationships. It is the basis of empathic relationships, communication and an adequate conflict resolution process.

Assertive communication: To develop an exchange that allows us to dialogue calmly and respectfully, expressing clearly what we want to say, but respecting the opinions, beliefs, and emotions of others.

Leadership: Although it covers several aspects, this skill is linked to the ability to positively influence, lead, and accompany a group of people, in a way that inspires and generates a positive response from the team.

Decision making: A correct “decision making” process consists of gathering the relevant information about the issue at hand, evaluate different alternatives and reach a conclusion that allows us to make the best possible decision quickly, efficiently, and concretely.

Conflict resolution: Finding a peaceful solution to disagreements involving different ideas or interests, quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

Quick adaptability: The ability to be flexible in the face of change and to move forward despite uncertainty.

These traits can be learned and worked on. There are currently several courses on negotiation, communications, team management and crisis management. Constantly updating oneself in these areas demonstrates a commitment to learning and an interest in staying up to date, enhancing skills and aligning them with new business needs.


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